Interview: Aurat

Here is proof that you should always be polite to people in public. I was buying blueberry muffins the other day and struck up a conversation with the cashier who I found out is the singer of a darkwave band in Los Angeles! I immediately asked for an interview. The band’s name is Aurat which means “Woman” in Urdu.


When was Aurat formed? And who are its members?
Aurat was formed right around September, its members are Azeka who is a Pakistani-American and lead vocalist and Gil who plays the bass and does all the music production for the band. Together we collaborate and work with one another to make our songs.
Do you know of any other darkwave bands who sing in Urdu?
We actually do not know of any other darkwave bands who sing in Urdu, which is why we were really excited to start this project. Aurat is very near to our hearts since we feel it is important to bring awareness to the aspects of South Asian cultures.
Is there a large darkwave or goth subculture in Pakistan? Do you have a fan base there?
I am sure there is a goth subculture in Pakistan, but with a fan base we are still trying to get our music out there. Although we have shown many of our South Asian friends our music, they all are very supportive and enjoy listening to Aurat.
Besides Band Camp where else can fans listen to and purchase your music?
Besides band camp we have our soundcloud which is:
Our music is also on YouTube through music pages who shared our music but have given us credit.
Also we have our Facebook page:
Have you performed live yet? And if so, what do you love about live performances?
We had an amazing opportunity to perform at the 4th St Vine in Long beach recently and we had such an amazing time. Aurat hopes on having a show soon coming into 2018, along with more music.
Take a listen, comment, and look out for upcoming shows!

Interview: The Creptter Children

I had the great opportunity to meet The Creptter Children some years ago at Bondage Ball in Los Angeles when they came to America from their home country of Australia. I loved their music so much that I watched their show and paid no attention to all of the BDSM stuff in the background. At the time they had one full album, Possessed. The band is comprised of two members: Iballa Chantelle (guitar and vocals) and N8oR (guitar and synth). I can’t count the amount of times I listened to Possessed, and in the years that followed I constantly harassed them both for some new releases. Well that time has finally come, after having signed with Imminence Records. With their January 12 release of Asleep With Your Devil, The Creptter Children will unleash five new tracks. In honor of the event, I had the chance to email N8oR a few questions.

Congratulations on the new five song EP. I’m very excited about it as it’s been a few years since Possessed was released. Tell us what we can expect with the new EP that will set it apart from Possessed?

Oh man, it feels like centuries ago since Possessed hahaha. Iballa and I have come a long way both musically and personally since then. We feel the new EP will reflect many of our experiences over the last ten years and you’ll understand that through the heavier, faster feel of the new tracks. It’s definitely been an exciting adventure so far.

I saw the Asleep with Your Devil video and noticed more band members. Is The Creptter Children still N8oR and Iballa, or are there new permanent members?

Unfortunately we have yet to find suitable members to commit to the full time roles as bassist and drummer. The bassist in the music video is a friend of ours who helped us out for a few shows. The actual drums recorded in the song has been programed by me but I really wanted to give off some energy in the video so I thought I’d step up to the plate and have a bash around.

On January 12, where can we get a copy?

January 12th 2018 is the big day and you’ll be able to visit our official site, Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else you buy your music online.

What’s on the horizon for The Creptter Children? Any more music videos coming? Perhaps another tour outside of Australia?

We definitely want to hit up California again. We had so much fun the last time we were there. We miss a lot of the friends we made over there on our previous short visit. Especially YOU, deadponies 🙂 We have to party out some more next time we’re over there. More music videos and other video content will becoming. Also so stay tuned to our YouTube channel! On the horizon we have some new music to work on for a follow up album. Nothing but work, work, work for us to keep our Freaks happy.

And here’s the new video for Asleep with Your Devil!

And just because they have my favorite band logo of all time, I’m posting it here:


Official Website: